Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sink Drain Adapter for Plunger

A sink was getting clogged up. It was hard to get a plunger around the drain, as the drain was just too close to the sink's wall. The plunger just didn't have enough room to get around that drain!

Here's where I love the MakerBot most. It really opens up the "solution space" to any problem you face.

It's got a spherical bottom, to get flush with the sink bottom. It's got a flat top, to seal against the plunger. And, it has a hole slanted from bottom to top, to move the drain hole further from the wall, where the plunger can get to it.

So, I simply designed, & printed a simple adapter, to move the drain opening out a few inches, to let my plunger do it's work.

IT WORKED! I can now keep this little plastic adapter with the plunger in the garage, for next time the sink gets clogged. It's good to use the MakerBot not just for fun, but to empower yourself to fix things around the house in new ways.

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