Thursday, September 6, 2012

Board Game Pieces, custom/personalized

Here we are, happily playing with our new custom, personalized, "makerbot printed", board game pieces in my son's latest favorite game (Star Wars Monopoly).

My son made a custom token with lots of "Win", his name, & cones/spheres to use to dominate the next games.

My daughter saw that, & of course, had to request that her brother also make one for her, but smaller, &, with her name, & lots of "win" "win" "win" on it.

I printed a simple spiral using the golden ratio / fibonacci sequence. If you haven't seen Donal Duck's Mathematics by Disney, I highly recommend you pull up your kids & spend 8 minutes here:

For those curious about MakerBot limitations, notice how the bottom is peeling off the platform. This is caused by cooling/contraction of the bottom as the top, hot printing still is ongoing. This is in spite of the ABS+acetone bonding layer which you can see, is still trying (unsuccessfully) to pull the bottom down, leaving strands.

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