Monday, October 17, 2016

Teaching 3D Design to the next generation

I've taught 7 classes of kids how to do their first 3D Designs.

At the end, each kid gets a real 3D print of their personal design project (which I print in my garage.)

The kids are 5th-7th graders, in nearby schools (both public & private), so I can share my skills & passion with the wider community.

Here are some of their designs.  They designed these after only 5 sessions of 90 minutes each.

Kids are learning machines that humble adults.

I'm so proud of these kids and so happy to be teaching them. So many great designs and so much love!

A minion, dinosaur, plane, ship, minnie-mouse, car, owl, hoverboard, teddy bear, space-ship:

AT-AT (by a 7th grade girl).  Hope Lucas doesn't come after her.  Fair use, I hope?

Designs are done in Blender, the most powerful open-source, free, cross-platform 3D Design tool AFAIK...  Yes, TinkerCAD is getting more popular lately, but it's just not as powerful IMO, & kids can learn either one if given the right support.

If your school wants me to come help, I'd be glad, so long as you're nearby (Santa Clara, CA).
If you want to start a similar program in your school, I can send you the lesson plans that I've evolved through these sessions.