Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters!

My wife wanted to make some cookies for our son's birthday party.  So, I made a custom design in 3D (CAD/blender), & printed it on the MakerBot.  It worked out well.

It's really not too hard.  If you want to know what's involved:

1) Make a bezier curve in CAD, & keep extending it & tweaking it until you think it looks right.  

2) You can often bring external 2D art from google searches into your CAD program, & then draw your 3D stuff right on top. (Tracing as a shortcut!)

3) Then, extrude your curve to give it depth for cutting

4) Add a rim for hands to press against, which also gives the piece more structural integrity.  Leave a hole in the center to let the baker push the dough out from the cutter.