Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hook Adapter

My neighbor presented me with this problem: Every year, when he hangs Christmas lights, he buys these little hooks that screw into the rafters to let you hang the lights. But, those hooks are a pain to install. There's no way to just drill them in like a screw.

So, naturally, let's just build an adapter, so you can connect your cordless drill to the hook & install these so much easier.

Here's the prototype. It took a few iterations before I got it to fit right. But, it does in fact let me drill it in.

Now, this plastic 3D printer is great for iterations & prototyping, and this verified the solution. But, we'd never use a plastic drill bit attachment, as it'd fracture at high speed & stress. But, this final plastic prototype could then act as a mold, to then mass produce these in any suitable metal for use & sale.

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