Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skyscraper Monopoly Upgrade

Ever have a looooong Monopoly game? Where everyone keeps getting more money & nobody loses? My son decided to build a "skyscraper upgrade" which is 10x the cost & rent of a hotel, to help escalate the game. He designed this in blender/CAD & has 3 iterations already on it.

Iterations are key in engineering & development of all sorts. My son & I are coming along great with fast iterations (imagine, design, build, learn, plan a revision, & redesign). The faster the iteration, the better all around, not to mention the more satisfying to the builders! He made this tower/skyscraper himself, & on each print, figures out what he wants to do better.

Here's his "version 1" skyscraper for comparison... The later versions have more features (spheres subtracted from the sides, and bigger, green)

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