Thursday, August 30, 2012

Early Adopter Pain

Well, the first 3 days were glorious.

Then, the next week was "Early Adopter Pain" in it's most classic form

  • The motherboard fried. 100% dead. The MakerBot team shipped me a new one quickly, thankfully.
  • I followed the motherboard replacement specs carefully, but they were rather fresh/new
  • I found ways to fix the loud banging noises on homing, & am glad.
  • After much debugging & bad prints, I discovered, through classical "Doh!" bonehead troubleshooting, that I connected the Z-Min cable to the Z-Max connection on the board.
  • So, after 3 days up, 7 days down, I'm back online & dancing again!

Early adopters have inherent pain. We need to be forgiving, knowing that there's a fine line between "leading edge" and "bleeding edge". I've been very lucky, as an early adopter on the Prius (2004), and Solar Panels (2007), and Linux on a laptop (2003) with ZERO trouble, so it's expected that my roll of the "Early Adopter Pain Dice" should come up snake-eyes now.

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